Whāia te iti kahurangi! - Strive for something of great value!

Zenith provides a new model for early-stage Wellington startups to unleash your potential.

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Each year we select 20 early-stage startups for a 3-month, play full-out, accelerator program to get your team and product market-ready.

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Our philosophy is inclusive, hands-on, active, and global. We provide office space and access to an international network of investors, advisors, and mentors.

Our Values

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Entrepreneurship is not a zero-sum game. We all succeed together. We believe the power of the entrepreneurial ecosystem is key to job growth and economic success.

12 weeks MVP focused programme

Zenith 12 weeks programme is focused at getting you to market within 12 weeks. We would work with you in two parallel lanes - establishing your company pack, and getting you to launch an MVP.


Founding Partners

Eran Ben-Shahar

Wellington, New Zealand

I'm looking for smart, scientifically skilled, ego-free founders that have got un-compromised execution capabilities

Edwin Rakanui
Executive Board Member

Wellington, New Zealand

I’m obsessed with empowering others, continuous improvement, and having a big life mindset. "Why fit in when you were born to stand out" - Dr Seuss

Elyssa Nager

Boulder, Colorado

Elyssa Nager, Marketing Strategist, Author, Entrepreneur.
"It takes a village." - African Proverb

Elena Goryacheva
Executive Board Member

Wellington, New Zealand

Artereality thinker with deep interest in arts & humanities.
"Altissima Quaeque Flumina Minimo Sono Labi." - Quintus Curtius Rufus, in "The History of Alexander The Great".


Tatsiana Zaretskaya
Tallinn, Estonia
Forbes 30 under 30 awarded, a leader and mentor of international startups
Yaniv Gal
Auckland, New Zealand
CTO of leading startups, AI specialist, PhD from university of Queensland
Nick Harvey
Wellington, New Zealand
Leadership & Business Expert Consultant, Director and TED speaker
Stephen Blackheath
Palmerston North, New Zealand
Technology Guru, author of "Functional Reactive Programming"
Amandine Flachs
London, UK
An entrepreneur, an influencer VC Talent Scout
Evelina Kek
Sydney, Australia
PMO, Taking startups to market and beyond
Alex Lyhovez
Tel Aviv, Israel
B2B Marketing & Business Development Expert
Viktor Shlapkin
Sydney, Australia
A startups tech growth expert & handson experienced CTO
Refael Shamir
Tel Aviv, Israel
A Serial entrepreneur, startup consultant, MVP specialist


We believe in:

Fair opportunity:

we believe in fair opportunity to everyone according to your skill, talent and passion - regardless of your race, colour, creed or background.


we believe in competition as a societal tool to drive innovation.

Social responsibility:

we believe that people are social by nature, and with that comes a responsibility to take care of the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.


we encourage the kind of collaboration that has helped people achieve the remarkable results we see in science and technology today, where individuals and groups work together and succeed together.

Civil rights:

the balance between social responsibility and civil rights should be kept at all times to keep an individual's right of free choice


privacy is in the core of human rights, especially in an era in which technology can use data for powerful applications.


we embrace the critical thinking and evidence based approaches that have delivered profound progress to humanity.


People are not just driven by rational thoughts but also by emotions, values and evolutionary constraints.

Our values drive our interest in the following startup areas:

Decentralized applications which keep the power of economy, privacy and decisions in the hands of individuals, communities and small groups.

Mental health and improvement of people’s well being

Distribution of wealth and distribution of income sources.

Automation of simple, daily tasks which can improve lives

Privacy: applications which keep the power of distribution of personal information in the hands of the individual.

Idea to MVP

3 months to MVP


100% Sponsored

From an idea to MVP in 80 days

Our 3 months mentorship plan from an idea to MVP is currently sponsored by Zenith Accelerator

Go Global

1 Year


100% Sponsored

Emerge to global markets

Our 12 months mentorship plan Scale to Sale is currently sponsored by iBronto Digital, Wellington

Business Partners

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Who is your target market / audience?
What motivates you?
Who is in your team?
At which stage are you?
Do you have some funds for basic expenses?
What do you think Zenith can offer you?
Why do you think we should work together?
Tatsiana Zaretskaya
Tallinn, Estonia

Tatsiana Zaretskaya is an awarded entrepreneur from Estonia, a lawyer in her background and a mother of a 4 years old, founder of Laava Tech – which develops and manufactures smart LED lighting solutions for a variety of industries including vertical and hydroponics farms and insect protein operations.

Tatsiana is the winner of many personal awards like Forbes 30 under 30, Europe, Industry & Manufacturing 2020, The Outstanding Young Persons Award 2019 (Tokyo, Japan), European Institute of Technology (EIT) Women – Country Coordinator 2018-2019, UN and OSCE Scholarship for Peace and Security 2018 (Vienna, Austria) and more.

Laava Tech under her leadership was the winner of many startup competitions and awards like Make It In China 2019 (Guangzhou, China), Polar Bear Pitching Competition 2018 (Oulu, Finland), EIT Food Accelerator 2019 (Haifa, Israel), Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneer 2018 and 2019 (Paris, France), Laava Tech and others.
Yaniv Gal
Auckland, New Zealand

Yaniv is well versed in the tech start-up life-cycle and has played a key role in building world-leading technologies in various fields, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and medical imaging. His most recent roles include: CTO at MoleMap, CTO at Biolumic, AI Director at Ohmio Automotion, and Research Program Manager at Compac Sorting. Yaniv holds a PhD from the University of Queensland and is an author of dozens of academic papers and patents.
Nick Harvey
Wellington, New Zealand

Having spent a decade working in the USA in the very competitive business environment, Nick returned to New Zealand in 2002, leveraged his international experience and bought an ailing packaging company. Turning it into a highly successful business, Nick sold in 2008 and began consulting to other business owners. Nick has a direct and highly energised style that motivates his clients and holds them accountable. For a better understanding of Nick's approach to leadership, check out his Ted-X talk.
Deep Water Consulting
Amandine Flachs
London, UK

Amandine Flachs, originally from Paris, is living and working in London. She is a co-founder of a startup company doing AI for sports games, a Youtube broadcaster and a startup consultant.

In this interview we introduce Amandine and her startup, we discuss the covid19 pandemic affect in London, how is it to be a French immigrant to London and more.

Amandine’s Bio:

Supporting early-stage entrepreneurs in for the past 10 years in France, the USA and the UK, Amandine has helped transform technical solutions into understandable commercial offers, launch innovative products, build communities, and bring technical & non-technical teams together to kickstart projects and approach new markets.

Today, she is the co-founder of WildMeta, a young AI startup for esports and competitive video games training.

Amandine is an active Venture Scout for the London-based fund Backed VC, she also dedicates some of her time to mentor early-stage startups through accelerators & programmes and volunteers with diversity initiatives.

To put some light on amazing founders she comes across, Amandine also produces and hosts a series of live video interviews called Entrepreneurs Playing Games where she deep dives into entrepreneurs’ journey after playing video games with her guests. More at www.flachsconsulting.com

Youtube: https://youtube.com/AmandineFlachs
Alex Lyhovez
Tel Aviv, Israel

Alex Lyhovz, a B2B Marketing & Business Development Expert.

With over ten years of experience in global markets. A storyteller, ultra learner, and enthusiast entrepreneur with a dedication to helping other tech innovators. Nowadays performs as a managing partner at YozmaTech, a hub of top-notch developers from Ukraine that empowers startups worldwide.

Yozma Tech: https://yozmatech.com/
Refael Shamir
Tel Aviv, Israel

A Serial entrepreneur, startup consultant, MVP specialist.

Serial entrepreneur, startup consultant, and ideation to first MVP specialist, spanning across the fields of Consumer Electronics, MedTech, Safety & Security among others, Refael is an engineer by profession and is currently the founder behind Letos - a startup company working in the field of behavioral sciences, and an external lecturer at IUBH University of Applied Sciences.
Refael carries over many years of experience from both large corporates and established startups alike, enabling him to structure a well-thought plan for executing new projects while having in mind design and manufacturing at scale.
Combining his passion for engineering and the study of human emotion, Refae has presented his work at many technical conferences across the world, including NVIDIA GTC, OptechBB, TransTech, MOVE, and countless other pitch events, as well as to corporates.

Letos: http://www.letos.me//
Viktor Shlapkin
Sydney, Australia

A hands-on CTO, helping startups grow their tech, teams and business

Viktor is an experienced, hands-on CTO and Software Architect who has worked in IT for the past 15 years. He is currently a CTO at Driva, a fintech startup connecting the customers with the right car finance. A leader and a mentor, Viktor enjoys helping startups grow and volunteering his time and expertise to help them do it.

Viktor has been a founding member in multiple early-stage startups and a key player in helping them grow technologically, grow their business, build their teams and establish the right culture from the very beginning.

Viktor’s extensive experience in multiple industries - gaming, social media intelligence, fintech and education gives him a unique outlook on creating the right mix of technology, people and vision to make the company successful.

Viktor’s expertise is in growing teams, choosing the right tech, helping founders move fast and pivot when needed.
Evelina Kek
Sydney, Australia

An experienced Product Manager, taking startups to market and beyond.

Evelina is an experienced Product Manager and a versatile specialist. An educator by profession, she has been working in startups and IT for the past seven years.  

Her career spans a number of roles including Head of Support Team, Engineering and others, all of which have led her to Product Management. Thanks to all these experiences, she knows how to build a product from scratch, find the right audience and channels for it, take it to market, and bridge the gap between an MVP or a prototype and the finished product. She can also help start understanding your customer better and what they need, build a functional support team, understand technical requirements and ‘find the right words’ working with developers and technical folk to get them excited about the product they are creating.

Evelina has experience with both B2B and B2C companies, which take a very different approach to succeed. 

She has been a key player in helping the companies grow and establishing the right culture and processes, setting the product vision, building a roadmap of features and prioritising them to create the right marketable mix of product features.